sábado, 21 de abril de 2018

Suzette Cascade

 ♥ Gold Standard Maitreya by L.I.C
♥ Suzette Cascade by Zibska @ Ultra Event
♥ Unicabelle Hair by A&A
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 ♥ The Isa Romper by Lana Original's
♥  Background Kawaii Pig #13 Rare by Pink Unicorn @ Gacha Life Event
♥ Bitch's Way Choker by Secrets

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Spring Boho Livingroom

 ♥ Spring Boho Livingroom Gacha by MOoH! @ Illuminate Event 
There are 12 items of wich 2 are rare
It is 50L a try 
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viernes, 20 de abril de 2018


 ♥ Tiziana Display by Zibska at Sense Event April
 Collar, Eyemakeup & Lipstick
♥ Nelke Tattoo Woman by Juna at The Avenue White Nights April Round
Every booth as at least one item at 35%!
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 ♥ Venus Shoes by The Bishes 
♥ Showers set by Plastik at Decocrate April
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 ♥ Elle Gown Dress by Celestinas Weddings  at Designer Showcase April 
for mesh body and with colors hud
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