miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2016


** Palace Garden Benches by CIRCA
Benches in 3 colors: Cherry, Walnut & White Wash
Exclusive for The Old Fair
** Fall Leaf Blown Cloud by CIRCA
** Fall Leaf Ground Set by CIRCA
Exclusive for The Old Fair
 ** Bibianne Dress by Bijou Couture
For classic avatars and Mesh Body
with Colors Hud
 ** Ram Bracelets by Petit Chat
Exclusive for Marvelous Events
** Stiletto Nails by Formanails
** Celeste Hair by Alice Project
 Bijou: Inworld
Bijou: Marketplace
Bijou: Facebook
Bijou: Flickr

The Old Fair: Inworld
The Old Fair: Flickr
The Old Fair: Facebook

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