domingo, 26 de marzo de 2017


 ♥ Maya Mini Dress Crossline by BlackRose
You can find it in 10 different colors
♥ Be Pinky Pose by S26 Poses
♥ Elite Hair Up by Virtual Diva
Exclusive for Swanks Events
 ♥ MRM Gaia Eyes by Milla Rasmuson Makeup
 ♥ MRM Passion lipstick by Milla Rasmuson Makeup
♥  Tamara Boots by LSR Moda
With Colors Hud
 BlackRose: Inworld
BlackRose: Marketplace
BlackRose: Flickr
Blackrose: Facebook
 S26 Poses Design: Marketplace
S26 Poses Design: Flickr
S26 Poses Design: Facebook
 Vitual Diva: Inworld
Virtual Diva: Marketplace
Virtual Diva: Flickr
Virtual Diva: Facebook
 Milla Rasmuson Makeup: Inworld
Milla Rasmuson Makeup: Marketplace
Milla Rasmuson Makeup: Flickr
Milla Rasmuson Makeup: Facebook
LSR: Inworld
LSR: Flickr
LSR: Facebook

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