domingo, 30 de julio de 2017


 ♥ Lilo Dress Green Camouflage by AVIE
for mesh body and have several colors
Exclusive for Sana Rae
♥ Hair 49'17 by (Red) Mint
Bento fit + Animations and with Hud control
You can find all the colors that you need
♥ Hipster Bento Set by PosESioN
5 amazing poses
Exclusive for Hipster Mens Event
 Avie: Inworld
Avie: Marketplace
Avie: Flickr
Avie: Facebook
 (Red) Mint: Inworld
 (Red) Mint: Marketplace
 (Red) Mint:Flickr
 (Red) Mint:Facebook
PosESioN: Inworld
PosESioN: Marketplace
 PosESioN: Flickr
 PosESioN: Facebook
PosESioN: Blog

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