martes, 15 de agosto de 2017


 ♥ Pared Down Daisy Rings by (Red) Mint
for bento mesh body and Hud Control
♥ Skye Eyes by MESANGE
Exclusive for On9 Event
♥ Victoire EyeShadown by MESANGE
Exclusive for Cosmetic Fair 
♥ Bracelet Celestinas with Heart Pendant by
Celestinas Weddings

(Red) Mint: Inworld
 (Red) Mint: Marketplace
 (Red) Mint:Flickr
 (Red) Mint:Facebook
 Mesange: Inworld
Mesange: Marketplace
Mesange: Flickr
Mesange: Facebook
Celestinas Weddings: Inworld
Celestinas Weddings: Marketplace
Celestinas Weddings: Flickr
Celestinas Weddings: Facebook

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